Are you preparing for prelims the right way?

02 Feb 2020

  • If even after a lot of hard work, hours of preparations you are not able to crack the prelims, it simply means you are not doing things in the right way.

  • Every year , there are people who consisitently manage to crack the prelims, some even scoring 170+ which is very well above the cut off .

  • This is possible only because they have mastered the knack of clearing th prelims.

  • Therefore, applying the right startergy is  amust. for this, an important thing to do is solving the previous year questions.

  • This is more important than solving the mock test series.Only by solving the original UPSC questions, you will be able to acclamatise your mind to eliminate wrong options and mark the right answers.

  • Note- The key is to solve the same paper multiple times.