District Rural Development Agency (DRDA))

20 May 2020



  • (DRDAs) are district-level development execution and monitoring agencies created under the Indian Societies Registration Act. 

  • Substantial sums of rural development funds of the government of India were transferred and routed through them under various Centrally Sponsored Schemes.


  • The governing body of DRDA includes Members of Parliament (MPs), Members of Legislative Assemblies (MLAs), District level officials of Development Departments, Bankers, NGO's and representatives of weaker sections of the society. 

  • The District Collector used to be (but not always at present) the Chairman of the Governing Board. 

  • The Governing body at the district level provides guidance and directions to DRDA. The body in DRDA responsible for actual implementation is headed by an Additional District Collector.


  • The “DRDA Administration” Scheme was introduced from 1st April 1999 under which the salary and administrative expenses of DRDAs are funded on a 75:25 basis between Centre and State Governments. 

  • From 2008-09 the funding pattern for the North Eastern States has been changed from 75: 25 to 90: 10. 

  • In the case of UTs, the Centre provides an entire (100%) funds under the Scheme.


  • The DRDA is the principal organ at the district level to manage and oversee the implementation of different anti-poverty programmes of the Ministry of Rural Development.

  •  It is a supporting and facilitating organization that plays a very effective role as a catalyst in the development process.

  •  The task of DRDA has been to identify the needs of the rural population and reach the appropriate schemes where they are needed. In implementing the schemes, the role of the DRDA has been Technical, Managerial, and Financial.


  • To formulate policy guidelines for DRDAs

  • Release of funds under DRDA Administration Scheme

List of services being provided 

  • Allocation of funds under DRDA Administration Scheme

  • Release of funds under DRDA Administration Scheme

  • Organization of Conference of Project Directors of DRDAs