Time management during prelims

02 Feb 2020

  • While giving your prelims, the usual tendency is to overthink over a question— this tends to drag your time and leads to time deprivation towards the end.

  • To avoid this, you need to read the entire paper first-Start attempting the easiest of the questions; once they are marked, you can strike them off  in the question paper to avoid confusion.

  • The next level questions are those wherin you can eliminate 2 options of the four, strike the 2 options which you have eliminated and continue to read the questions. 

  • While your doing so, your subconscious mind will work on it to gain clarity.when you read those questions again, you will able to identify the correct option

  • Do the same thing for the questions where you have eliminated only one option as well. when you are reading the question once again you will be able to identify the right answer or atleast be able to eliminate an option.

  • In the remaining time, you can think and try to solve  the hard questions.You can leave the hardest questions unattempted. Doing so will save you from negative marking.